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The website Events.nationalparks.fi is a platform for Metsähallitus' events and for events of partners with a valid partnership agreement with Metsähallitus.

On this website you will find interesting and diverse nature events organized in national parks, nature centres, national hiking areas and other recreational and nature conservation sites maintained by Metsähallitus.

Range of events varies from exhibitions at different nature centres to guided hiking tours organized by nature entrepreneurs.

On protected areas event organizers are committed to operating responsibly.

Signing up an event at Events.nationalparks.fi

Sign up your event on the map and make it part of the nature themed event selection. Your event will show on the map after a few minutes. See below for information about notifications and permissions that may be required in advance when organizing an event.

Find an interesting event and join it

Look up an interesting event of your liking on the map at a nearby or a far away destination. You can also browse events on the map according to the venue!

Partnership agreement with Metsähallitus

Regular organization of commercial events in Metsähallitus recreational and nature conservation areas, such as national parks, requires a partnership agreement with Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland.

We use two types of partnership agreements:

  • Partnership agreement for companies not using the campfire sites and rest stops in the nature site. This agreement is free of charge.
  • Partnership agreement for companies using the campfire sites and rest stops in the nature site. This agreement is subject to a charge.

Agreement templates have been prepared in Finnish, Swedish and English. For further information, please contact your nearest Metsähallitus nature centre or contact the park's manager directly. More information (metsa.fi).

Partnership agreements can be made by, for example: companies committed to sustainable tourism and organizations involved in Metsähallitus Parks & Wildlife Finland's activities.

Organizing an event in protected areas

If organizing events is part of activities defined in the partnership agreement, it usually does not require separeta notifications or permissions. In other cases, organizing an event requires a notification for Metsähallitus (metsa.fi) to be done well in advance. If the case is, that event organization requires other permissions or if organizing an event is not possible, Metsähallitus will contact the notifier.

Use of huts at events

Nature tourism enterprises may use wilderness huts and other service structures such as campfire sites as resting places when arranging group tours or hikes, but this requires a partnership agreement with Metsähallitus. Please note, however, that staying overnight in open wilderness huts is forbidden if on a paid tour or hike. In these cases groups should stay overnight in reservable or rentable wilderness huts or hotels or lodges. We also recommend that all larger groups even those not on paid for tours or hikes use tents or reservable wilderness huts as accommodation. More information (nationalparks.fi).

Take away everything you brought along

In protected areas the principle of litter-free hiking is followed both by event organizers and participants of events. Remember to take away everything you brought along and recycle the waste appropriately. Take with you enough bags for litter and check the surroundings of your event once the event has finished. Litter free hiking (nationalparks.fi).

We wish you nice events in Finnish nature!