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General Terms of Use for Events.nationalparks.fi

Updated 4 January 2019

Description of the Web Service

Events.Nationalparks.fi web service (hereinafter also ‘Service') is produced and maintained by Metsähallitus, a state-owned enterprise operating under the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry and the Ministry of the Environment (Business ID: 0116726-7). The Service consists of content provided by both Metsähallitus and clients (hereinafter also “User”), such as, event descriptions and other texts and pictures (hereinafter also “Content”).  

The user undertakes to use Events.Nationalparks.fi web service in compliance with these Terms of Use, the law and generally appropriate usage. The Service is free of charge.

All the information appearing in the Service is intended for informative purposes only and should not be conceived as advice of a legal, commercial or any other nature. Metsähallitus assumes no responsibility for the suitability of the information presented in the Service for the user's purposes or for the results of any action taken on the basis of this information.

These Terms comply to both unregistered and registered Service Users.

The Service User accepts these Terms of Use as binding upon the use of the Service, regardless of whether the User is registered or not.

Rights of Use for Material Published in the Service

Events.Nationalparks.fi web service may only be used for purposes that promote events and their communications. The user is not entitled to utilize the Service or any part of it in any other manner without the written permission of Metsähallitus.

The User's rights to the Content that he adds to the Service shall remain with the User. However, Metsähallitus and Users of the Service have the right to display Content posted publicly on the Service within the Service and in social media without a different permission from the Content Provider, provided that, User has joined the Events.Nationalparks.fi service or otherwise authorized the use of the Content. The User’s name or a user name is not necessarily mentioned in the context. Metsähallitus does not have the right to use the User's public images, for example as separate advertising images, without the User's written consent, but the use of such images for such purposes shall always be agreed upon separately with the User.

User's Rights and Responsibilities

Users can add Content to the Service about their events. Uploading Content to the Service requires free-of-charge registration. Merely viewing the Content is possible without registration.

In connection with the registration, the User must enter the required User information truthfully, such as the User’s real first and last name. Metsähallitus emphasizes that the provision of truthful contact information is necessary for copyright reasons and Metsähallitus may take the necessary measures in case of suspicion of abuse.

The User’s password is personal and private. The User is responsible for ensuring that the user ID and Password are kept confidential and do not fall into the hands of a third party. The User must immediately notify Metsähallitus with a Service feedback form if his/her user ID or password has been misplaced, or he/she suspects that his/her user ID or password has come to the attention of a third party. The User may, if he/she so wishes, receive a new user ID and password to replace misplaced ones.

The User is always personally responsible for all use of the Service under his/her user ID and password. The User is also responsible for all Content that he/she provides for the Service. The User has a special responsibility to ensure that the Content provided by the User does not violate any third party copyrights, trademark rights or other immaterial rights and that the Content is in no way illegal or in violation of good practice. The User is responsible for ensuring that he/she has the right to provide the Content to be published by Metsähallitus. The User is liable for all and any claims for damages and other claims made by copyright holders or other third parties for unauthorised use of material. For example, uploading a photograph to the Service always requires, among other things, permission from the photographer and the persons portrayed in the photograph.

The User commits to using the Service in accordance with the law and other regulations as well as good practice. Uploading, forwarding and storing pornographic, immoral, criminal or racist Content, etc., in the Service, including Content that conveys false information, is forbidden. Furthermore, the Service may not be used as a place to store automated data transmissions (e.g., surveillance camera footage).

The Service may not be used in areas where the laws and/or regulations of the said area forbid the use of the Service. The User is liable, in full, for any damage and costs caused by use in violation of these Terms of Use or by neglecting the regulations defined in these Terms of Use.

The Service may contain material protected by copyrights, trademark rights or other immaterial rights. The Service is protected by copyright in accordance with the copyright law in force in Finland. The User has no right, without express permission by the holder of the rights, to distribute, publish, copy, make publicly available or commercially utilise material provided to the Service by other Users, unless the legislation so provides in special cases.

The User may create links to all Content pages and the front page of the Service without separate permission, but in such cases the source must always be mentioned. Linking to individual images and videos in the Service is allowed within the Copyright Act. The service provider has the right to restrict external links for reasons having to do with, for example, telecommunications and capacity.

The User is responsible, at his/her expense, for acquiring and maintaining the necessary hardware, software and telecommunications links, in addition to all other costs incurred by using the Service. The User is responsible, at his/her expense, for the compatibility of the User’s hardware, software and telecommunications links with the Service. The User is aware that the data security in the web environment and various web services is not complete. The User is responsible for taking the appropriate data security measures for his/her own data systems.

The User has the right to remove his/her profile from the Service by contacting the Service administration. However, the right to use any material uploaded to the Service by the User remains with Metsähallitus.

The Rights and Responsibilities of Metsähallitus

All proprietary and other rights to the Service are held by Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus is entitled, at any time, to alter the Service and its Content, purpose and availability, as well as the requirements set for the equipment needed to use the Service. Metsähallitus is also entitled, at any time, to discontinue providing the Service.

Content is uploaded to the Service by the User, and the User is responsible for the said Content. Metsähallitus shall not, in any way, be held responsible for any images uploaded to the Service by the User, nor for the authenticity of the said images or controlling whether the User has the right to distribute the images, or any other issues related to the images. The same also applies to all other Content sent to or distributed within the Service by the User. Metsähallitus has the right to publish, in full or in part, any material uploaded to the Service by the User. Metsähallitus shall not pay any fees or other compensations for the publishing. Metsähallitus shall not commit to storing any material uploaded to the Service by the User.

Metsähallitus assumes no responsibility for any information received by the User from third parties through the Service, nor for any Content of the said information that violates copyrights, good practice or legal provisions.

Metsähallitus shall not pre-check any Content uploaded to the Service by Users. Metsähallitus reserves the right to alter Content uploaded to the Service by the User. The User accepts that original copies of images uploaded to the Service are automatically reduced to a pre-specified size. Original copies of the images uploaded by the User are not stored in the Service. Metsähallitus has the right, but not an obligation, to remove from the Service any Content considered inappropriate by Metsähallitus at its discretion and at any time, without consulting or expressly notifying the User. Furthermore, Metsähallitus has the right to deny access to the Service, if there is cause to suspect that the Service is being used to distribute unauthorised material, as described above, or in any other way that is in violation of the law or good practice.

Metsähallitus has the right to submit any illegal Content, or Content which violates these Terms of Use, to the appropriate authority. Metsähallitus is entitled to remove from the Service any User who has given false personal information or otherwise violated these Terms of Use, the law or good practice without consulting the said User, and to deny him/her access as a User of the Service. Metsähallitus also has the right to either change the User’s password for him/her, or obligate the said User to change his/her password, if Metsähallitus suspects that the said User’s password is no longer in reliable or otherwise appropriate hands.

Metsähallitus is entitled to process the personal data of the User according to the Personal Data Act and other legislation as well as in a way that is described in more detail in the Register Description.

Metsähallitus has the right to delete any user ID that has not been used for more than six (6) months. Metsähallitus is also entitled to change the User's user ID or password if they cause conflict or overlap in Metsähallitus' data systems.

Use of cookies

The web service Events.Nationalparks.fi uses cookies for statistical purposes (for instance to collect data on the number of visitors) and for some functionalities of the Service. The user can reject or delete cookies by changing the settings of the browser. However, this may cause the website not to function correctly.

Service Administration and Liability for Damages

Metsähallitus aims to provide as accurate and high-quality information as possible in the Service, but cannot guarantee that the website or its Contents are error-free. Metsähallitus is entitled to improve and alter the Contents and structure of the Service.

Metsähallitus shall not be responsible for the continuous availability of the Service, and does not guarantee that the Service will always be uninterrupted and error-free. Metsähallitus assumes no responsibility for any direct or indirect damage suffered by the User as a result of, for example, inaccurate or deficient Content or Content that is open to various interpretations, nor by technical failures or maintenance work.

Metsähallitus shall not be responsible for technical failures or interruptions caused by maintenance or installation work occurring in the Service, nor for any alterations or loss of data contained in the Service or any other data caused by such occurrences. Furthermore, Metsähallitus assumes no responsibility for any problems, disturbances or interruptions in data transfer as caused by third parties.

Metsähallitus shall not be liable to compensate the User for any damages caused by using the Service. 

Material Provided by Third Parties

Metsähallitus shall not be responsible for the Contents or functionality of other web services accessible through the Service. By accessing a website through a link, the User accepts that the site is not under the control of Metsähallitus and that it is not possible for Metsähallitus to influence its Contents. The existence of a link to a website outside the Service does not imply that Metsähallitus endorses the site or the services offered in any way. 

Transfer of Rights and Responsibilities

The User is not entitled to transfer his/her right to use the Service to a third party without written permission from Metsähallitus. Metsähallitus has the right to transfer the Service or its administration, with the related responsibilities and duties included therein, within the Metsähallitus Group or to a third party. 

Applicable Law and Settlement of Disputes

Finnish law shall be applied to the use of the Service and these Terms of Use. Any disputes arising from these Terms of Use or the Service referred to in these Terms of Use shall primarily be attempted to be settled by negotiations between the parties. Should such negotiations fail, the court of first instance for settling the dispute shall be the Vantaa District Court.

Entry into Force of and Amendments to the Terms of Us

These Terms of Use shall enter into force at the time of updating (shown at the end of the web page) and shall remain in force until further notice. Metsähallitus may amend these Terms of Use, and the new Terms of Use shall enter into force upon their publication on the website. The User shall be notified of any changes to the Terms of Use via the Service’s website.